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logoEinterEureka international is a multidisciplinary network of scientific research groups of 18 countries in disciplines like Computational Intelligence, Operations Research, Business Informatics, Management Sciences, Economics, Engineering, Social Sciences, Environmental sciences and other fields. Their objective is creating through their synergy, trans-disciplinary science and holistic scientific analysis useful for Sustainable Development of regions and organizations with emphasis in mathematical and computational modeling and supporting.

They join efforts for obtaining funding from their institutions, as well as local, regional and international organizations through coordinated initiatives.

The network is coordinated by a ‘Coordination Group’ of colleagues with outstanding work into the network. A Coordination Board into it, formed by scientific leaders who joined scientific groups of groups into the network, coordinate the strategy and functioning of the network based in their consensus in communication with the coordination group and trough it to all the member groups.

Eureka International was created in 2013, anchoring Eureka Iberoamerica, with groups of other universities and institutions, principally European ones. All partner universities and some associates of Eureka SD have groups into Eureka International.

Each Eureka International group have a responsible of the tasks and activities of the network into the framework of the Eureka SD project and other projects they are involved.

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Eureka International Coordination Group


Name Institution Country
Catalina Alberto UNC Argentina
Rafael Bello UCLV Cuba
Carlos Cruz University of Granada Spain
Desislava Dechkova   Bulgaria
Antonio Dourado UC  Portugal
Rafael Alejandro Espin Andrade UdeO Mexico
Eduardo Fernández UAS Mexico
Jorge Marx Gomez UOL Germany
Witold Pedrycz University of Alberta Canada
Thomas Klenke  UOL Germany
Huei Diana Lee UNIOESTE Brazil
Hans J. Lenz Frei University Berlin Germany
Juan Carlos Leyva UdeO Mexico
Jim Liu  University of Ulster Great Britain
Blanca Ruth Orantes UTN El Salvador
Luis Martinez UJAEN Spain
Stefano Moretti  University Dauphine of Paris France
Ann Nowe VUB Belgium
Isabel Passoni UNMDP Argentina
Mauricio Restrepo UNCO Colombia
Alejandro Rosete CUJAE Cuba
Kiril Tenekedjiev Vaptsarov Naval Academy  Bulgaria
Jesus Velasquez DecisionWare  Corp Colombia
Jose Luis Verdegay UGR Spain
Richard Weber University of Chili Chili
Liliana Guerrero Ramos UAdeC Mexico
Manuel Medina Elizondo UAdeC Mexico
Tatiana Delgado Fernández CUJAE Cuba