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Call for Abstracts


International Virtual Workshop of Business Analytics Eureka 2019

Eurekas Community integrated by the networks Eureka Iberoamerica: the
Iberian American Network of Knowledge Discovery, and Eureka International:
The International Network of Transdisciplinary Science, as well as
Laboratory of Emerging Technologies in Computer Science (LabTEC2) at Autonomous University of Ciudad
Juarez (UACJ), Madero Institute of Technology, IMIGIDE: Multidisciplinary
Research Institute of Innovation Management and Business Development of the Autonomous University of
Coahuila and OPTISAD: Mexican Network of Optimization and Decision Support System, invite you to
participate into the
International Virtual Workshop of Business Analytics Eureka 2019,
which will be organized on April 3rd
to 5th, 2019, by UACJ.
The objective of the meeting is sharing Hybridization and Transdisciplinary science works and their
application in Knowledge Discovery, Knowledge Engineering and Management, as well as Decision Making
and Optimization.
The dialogue regarding the exploration of synergies among the participants, which could be expressed in
joint papers and projects and the impact into the city and region where the meeting is organized, are the
most important objectives as it is the tradition into the Eurekas congresses. Eurekas Community is
characterized by the diversity and openness of the Computational Intelligence and Operations Research
scientific communities, as well as General and Theoretical Hybridization as two of their more important
scientific strategies; these Virtual Meeting sessions are sure to be very important -as it is usual in Eurekas- as
an initiative towards interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary science by synergies of the participants.
All members of Eureka Iberoamerica and Eureka International groups are especially invited to participate
Theoretical topics of Fuzzy Sets, Fuzzy Logic, Computing with Words, Free Context Grammars use,
Compensatory Fuzzy Logic, Arquimedean-Compensatory Fuzzy Logic, Intuitionistic Sets, Intuitionistic Logic,
Neutrosophic Sets, Neutrosophic Logic, Rough Sets, Evolutionary Algorithms, Neural Networks, Fuzzy Graphs,
Hybrid methods, and their application in Decision Making, Decision Support, Optimization, Games Theory,
Knowledge Engineering, Knowledge Management, Knowledge Discovery, Machine Learning, Management
Sciences, Business Intelligence, and Business Analytics.
Submission procedure
Abstracts of around 1000 characters should be written in English (free format) and be sent to Rafael
Alejandro Espin Andrade <> and J. Patricia Sánchez Solís
<> according the deadlines.
Accepted abstracts should be extended to more than 6 pages and these should be submitted by the EasyChair
system to reviewing procedure. Authors must enter to Easychair according to deadlines.
Special issue
Papers based on the Extended Abstracts will be selected for the publication in special issues of scientific
journals and a book will be published during 2019.
Important dates
Submissions of the Abstracts of 1000 characters Deadline: January 14th, 2018
Notification of the abstracts acceptance: January 18th, 2019
Submission of the Extended Abstracts of at least 6 pages in Arial 11: March 8th, 2019
Virtual Meeting: April 3rd to 5th, 2019
Notification of acceptance of the Extended Abstracts for the Special Issues and Book: May 10th, 2019
Submission of papers for Special Issues and Books: June 10th, 2019
Notification of review results: July 10th, 2019
Submission of revised papers: August 10th, 2019
Notification of final review results: September 10th, 2019
Payment for Virtual Workshop
The registration fee amount for authors is USD 45. Students will pay USD 35. This payment includes Eurekas
Community Association membership.
Steering Committee
Listed by Country Alphabetical Order (Eureka International Board, Eureka International Coordination Group
and Eureka International Group Coordinators).
Argentina: Catalina Alberto National University of Cordoba <>, Virginia Ballarin
Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata, <>, Agustina Bouchet Universidad Nacional de
Mar del Plata <>, Roberto Gonzalez Perez CUBASOFT <>,
Isabel Passoni National University of Mar del Plata <>, Maria Ines Lecich
Consultora Lecich Medio Ambiente <>, Gustavo Meschino Universidad Nacional de
Mar del Plata <>, Juan Ignacio Pastore National University of Mar del Plata
<>, Maria Lorena Sanchez Lucero ECO San Juan <>,
Jose Luis Zanazzi Universidad Nacional de Cordoba <>, Gustavo Zegatti SUDESTE SA
Brazil: Huei Diana Lee, Western State University of Paraná (UNIOESTE) and State University of Campinas
(UNICAMP)) <>, Wu Feng Chung Western State University of Paraná (UNIOESTE)
and State University of Campinas (UNICAMP) <>, Anibal Tavares de Azevedo
University of Campinas <>
Canada: Witold Pedrycz University of Alberta <>, Orion Reyes University of Alberta
Colombia: Jorge Andres Alvarado Valencia, Universidad Javeriana, <>
Lauren Castro, Universidad de la Costa, Colombia <>; Mauricio Restrepo, Universidad
Militar Nueva Granada <>, Jesus Velazques, Decision Ware
<> Anibal Perez Garcia, Universidad Antonio Nariño
<> Maria del Pilar Salamanca Azula, Universidad Antonio Nariño
Chili: Richard Weber University of Chili <>
Cuba: Daniel Alfonso Robaina Instituto Superior Politecnico Jose A. Echeverria <>,
Rafael Bello Pérez Central University of Las Villas <>, Tatiana Delgado Fernández
Instituto Superior Politecnico Jose A. Echeverria <>, Erick Gonzalez Caballero
Instituto Superior Politecnico Jose A. Echeverria <>, Luis Alberto Ortega Sobero
EMBERH, <>, Alejandro Rosete Instituto Superior Politecnico Jose A. Echeverria
<>, Argenys Villazon Gomez GEICON,
Belgium: Bernard de Baets University of Gentz Belgium <>, Ann Nowe Vrije
University of Brussels <>, Desislava Dechkova <>
Bulgaria: Kiril Tenekedjiev Vaptsarov Naval Academy <>
Dominican Republic: Pedro Sotolongo Global Institute <>
Ecuador: Maikel Yelandi Leyva Vázquez University of Guayaquil <>, Ruperto Pedro Bonet
Chaple, Universidad Tecnica de Babahoyo <>
El Salvador: Blanca Ruth Orantes UTEC <>, Victor Cornejo Universidad Don Bosco
France: Stefano Moretti University of Paris Dauphine < >
Germany: Hans Joachim Lenz Frei University Berlin <>, Jorge Marx Gómez,
University of Oldenburg <>
Guatemala: Rosa Amarilys Dubon Mazariego USAC <>
Mexico: J. Patricia Sanchez Solis Autonomous University of Ciudad Juarez <>, Rogelio
Florencia Juarez Autonomous University of Ciudad Juarez <>, Gilberto Rivera
Zárate Autonomous University of Ciudad Juarez <>, Vicente García Jiménez
Autonomous University of Ciudad Juarez <>, Francisco López Orozco Autonomous
University of Ciudad Juarez <>, Benito Alan Ponce Rodriguez Autonomous
University of Ciudad Juarez <>, Laura Cruz-Reyes Madero Institute of Technology
<>, Claudia Gomez Santillan Madero Institute of Technology
<>, Nelson Rangel Valdez Madero Institute of Technology
<>, Hector Fraire Madero Institute of Technology <>,
Rafael Alejandro Espin Andrade Autonomous University of Coahuila,
<>, Eduardo Fernandez Gonzalez Autonomous University of Sinaloa
<>, Liliana Guerrero Ramos, Autonomous University of Coahuila
<>, Juan Carlos Leyva López, Universidad de Occidente <>, Igor
Litvinchev, Autonomous University of Nuevo Leon <>, Fernando Lopez Irarragorri,
Autonomous University of Nuevo Leon <>, Manuel Medina Elizondo, Autonomous
University of Coahuila <>, Viacheslav Kalashnikov, ITESM
<>, Jose Luis Hotema, Cluster Automotriz de la Laguna <>, Manuel
Mora, Universidad Autonoma de Aguas Calientes <>, Luis Alberto Morales,
Instituto Tecnologico Superior de Mizantla, <>, Rodolfo Perez Estrada, PEMEX
<>, Suly Sendy Perez Castañeda, Universidad Autonoma del Estado de
Hidalgo <>, Julio Cesar Picos Institutito Tecnologico Culiacan
<>, Mario Valdez Garza Red de Cooperación Innovadora
Namibia: Yeleni Zulueta University of Namibia <>
Nicaragua: Marvin Rene Arias Oliva Universidad Nacional de Ingenieria <>, Jose Roman
Urtecho Mendieta UNICA <>
Portugal: Antonio Dourado University of Coimbra <>, Ana Isabel Gonzalves Mendes
Politechnical Institute of Leiria <>
Spain: Carlos Cruz University of Granada, <>, Alina Diaz Curbelo University of
Valladolid <>, University of Valladolid Angel Manuel Gento Mullicio, University
of Valladolid, <>, Francisco Herrera University of Granada <>, Juan
Luis Elorduy González University of Valladolid, <>, Luis Martinez Lopez, University of
Jaen <>, Susana Montes University of Oviedo <>, Jose Angel Olivas
Universidad de Castilla La Mancha,, Carlos Soto Torres SMP AUTOMOTIVE
TECHNOLOGIES S.L. <>, José Luis Verdegay University of Granada
USA: Laurent Hall University of South Florida <>, Hao Xu University of Nevada,
United Kingdom: Jun Liu Ulster University <>, Hui Wang Ulster University <                             eureka 2.0